About our company

We are proud to highlight the key investors of our project: Saal Al Junaibi, our esteemed founder, the renowned Zubair Corporation, and, providing invaluable contributions, the respected Saad Suhail and his sons. Their commitment and support are instrumental in making our vision a reality.

we are the hub of health for Arab society. we unite GCC and MENA region people and bring them the most essential medicine and vaccine.


We are an innovative Omani healthcare company, united by one purpose: we pursue the miracles of science to protect people’s lives.
Our teams are gathered from all over the world to bring hope for a better life for patients by practicing medicine.
We produce life-changing treatments and the protection of life-saving vaccines to millions of people, and affordable access to our medicines in some of the world’s poorest countries.


We prioritize creativity in biosimilar vaccines and specialty medicines with mAb technology, taking advantage of promising gene therapy opportunities to prevent and treat disease. At the heart of this is our R&D focus on the science of the immune system, human genetics, and advanced technologies.


Our Areas of focus

We focus on scientific innovation to deliver medicines and vaccines that may help millions of people around the world.
We concentrate on three major scientific innovations to bring remedies to those who seek healthier life:


Vaccine help protects people from infectious diseases at every stage of life. Our vaccine portfolio is the broadest in the industry. Helping people to protect against pneumococcal, meningococcus, HPV, Covid, influenza, shingles infections, and even more. We use various platform technologies from adjuvants that bring the most effective vaccines.


We develop cancer medicines with promising technology mAb for patients with lymphoma and leukemia and multiple myeloma. We turn to research to practice and now nine marketed assets are in the final development process.

Gene Therapy

Personalized medicine is the future of all disease treatment, and gene therapy as one of the most promising approaches will revolutionize this field. Based on lenti and adeno platform technologies, our teams develop one of the best ways to treat lymphoma, leukemia, and multiple myeloma.

Our pipeline

We strive to push the boundaries of science every day. So that from our past to today and tomorrow our R&D specialists seek new ways to protect lives. This is the path of how it becomes possible:

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Our culture

A culture without people is not valuable. We consist of various thoughts created in the shape of a united community to unite individuals for the greater good. Our people are inspired and united to make a better world for human beings.

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