Our Mission is
to Protect Lives...

We Are Working On A Comprehensive Project To Make Every Pharmaceutical Products Available To All Mankind.


Why OBP...?

It is always said and proved that prevention is better than treatment and creating awareness about this fact is a public responsibility.
Apart from developing vaccines and medicines, OBP is working with NGOs to create awareness about prevention for people around the world.



OPAL BIOPHARMA (OBP), is a company with helping people purposes. Developing and producing vaccines and medicines, researching emerging diseases, finding the best ways for any treatment, and protecting every human life are all that we are planning to do.

With mass production, we are planning to export these vaccines to GCC countries, then MENA, and in the end, we want to conquer the global markets.


Our Areas of focus

Powered by our talented scientists, we focus on developing vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, gene therapy products and small molecule drugs to deliver globally.


R&D Center

We plan to establish an advanced research and development center equipped with the latest technologies to develop new high-tech products and address challenging diseases in the shortest time possible.

Research and discovery

Preclinical studies

Clinical development

Mass Production

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